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An action Step is worth a thousand words

We are on the eve of our first anniversary, in which every effort has been made to ensure an easier working tool.

We don´t want to talk about what we are going to do.

We think is better to talk about what we already did.

Throughout this year:

  • Padma have been done 25 updates
    (being RC1, versión 0.1.0 our last one)
    – Code updates
    – Compatibility updates
    – Night mode
    – New Visual editor tools
    – Additional measure units
  • 7 Plugins went into operation

    – Lifesaver (Convert HTW/Blox to Padma)
    – Shortcode block
    – Sociable
    – Filter Gallery
    – Post Slider
    – Content Slider
    – Example block
  • Padma official Child Theme has been enabled
  • Padma documentation has been published*
  • Basic website monitoring service was launched

*Work in progress… would like to collaborate?

All through Padma services.

Some of these services and additional benefits are available for sponsors of the project by means of Patreon.

To access Patreon and become part of the Padma U. journey, please click and support us!:


Join us and spread the word!!!


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