A project that is focused on rebuilding Headway Themes

Free WordPress Theme Builder – Version 0.0.20

Free WordPress Theme Builder – Version 0.0.20

Padma | Unlimited version 0.0.20 is available to download from P|U Website.

Our team will keep launching regular micro versions until we reach the version 1.0 of P|U, with new features,improvements and  fixes to the Framework.

Padma | Unimited - Version 0.0.20
Padma | Unimited - Version 0.0.20

Padma U Market

The Padma U Market is a section of Padma Services created to share and trade Plugins, Templates and Services, both free and paid.

Padma Unlimited Team built the The P|U Market to provide gilt-edged tools for the members of the community: Agencies, Developers, Designers & Freelancers. In order to embrace the full-service capacity of our own professional survivance.
Dream big, dream Padma Unlimited Theme Builder…!

To access the P|U Market it is imperative to create a Padma Services Account.


Are you a Web Developer?
To fit your plugins in the P|U Market, please feel free to reach out and contact us!
[email protected]


Any user can share their templates, just mark them public through the “Save in Cloud” Option. If a price is set toward a template, it would be available for sale on the P|U Market.


Our Team purpose is to bring forth a useful set of services to increase the business potential.
Coming soon | Back -Up, Monitoring & Custom Support Services | on the Padma U Market.

The Templates & plugins go through a review process before they become available on the Padma U Market.

New version amends:

  • Headway templates Import Support (versions within 3.7.0 to 3.8.9)
  • “Save templates in the Cloud” Option through Padma Services with the possibility to publish them on the Market.*
  • Option to disable the “Updater” and “Services” plugin recommended installation.
  • Content Editor updates.
  • Lateral Design Mode Panel can be moved at the preferable chosen side of the screen.
  • Several small code corrections.

*The templates will be reviewed before they appear in the Market

*What is “Headway Blocks Compatibility” ?

Headway Blocks Compatibility is an experimental function that allows the use of Headway blocks along with Padma | Unlimited.

The goal eases the migration to Padma U and let your Website keep updated.

Feel free to test this new functionality and help us to improve it!

Please share and spread Padma U evolution!

Padma | Unlimited – Free WordPress Theme Builder version 0.0.20 download:

If you need to update from an older P|U beta version to P|U beta v.0.0.19, please contact us to get further instructions.

Coming soon ►
We keep working to get ready a new website for the launch of Padma | Unlimited V.1 along with the WordPress 5 release.

Best Regards,

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*Patrons besides the satisfaction of supporting us with solidarity have access to exclusive content like blocks, templates and special discounts.