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Free WordPress Theme Builder | version 0.0.23

Free WordPress Theme Builder | version 0.0.23

New Beta version 0.0.23 is available to download!

(tested on WordPress 4.9.8)

Padma Unlimited version 0.0.23

Released: AUGUST 17, 2018

New version amends:

  • Visual Editor Fixes
  • Block API improvements
  • Responsive Options updated on block options
  • CSS Transform options added to Visual Editor and API Block
  • Compiler fixes
  • Removed deprecated WordPress constants
  • PHP 7+ Compatibility fix (Removed “The /e modifier” warning on preg_replace() function)
  • Tested on WordPress 4.9.8

If you need to update to Padma Unlimited beta v.0.0.23 from an older version than beta v.0.0.19, please contact us to get further instructions.

Thanks to Michael Carlson, Dakota Rino and Prisila Varela for their reports that allow us to improve Padma Unlimited and its components.

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New features in the Visual Editor

Animation - Padma Unlimited

Animation options allows to add and control CSS animation effects to almost any element through the Visual Editor.

Sizes - Padma Unlimited

Custom Size allows to setup fixed width/height to blocks in the Visual Editor.

Transform - Padma Unlimited

Transform tool allows to rotate or skew blocks in the Visual Editor.

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