A project that is focused on rebuilding Headway Themes & Blox Theme

Introducing Padma | Unlimited

Introducing Padma | Unlimited

To whom it may concern, (a webdesigner community)

Have you ever as web designers felt insecure( or had a bad premonition) when found yourself using a theme that seems doomed to failure?

Working and living through as a web design professional sometimes lead the same fear, using a doomed to die themes….

Choosing a Good theme isn´t cheap… we have to aknowledge that a team of professional programming engineers are performing behind as well as graphic artists and designers with powerful mind thinking works all together  to make our life easier.

So, why a theme might be doomed to failure?…
– Never mind…

Fortunately, a group of people can rescue an open source project, develop improvements, updates and finally, reveal and share it with the community, to every user, to anyone who needs it.

And that’s exactly what we decided to do.

We submit the open source parts of Blox theme and Headway themes, added some new features and fixed some errors.

After several months of hard work, we gladly introduce:

Padma | Unlimited Welcome screen


Padma | Unlimited  is still in beta, but it is fully functional, compatible with WordPress 4.9+, PHP 7+, MySQL 5.6+ and the new Gutemberg plugin. It is fully customizable (no code skills required), and of course… we have a lot of new ideas to improve it.

Fell free to download our beta to test, create, design & develop your WordPress projects.
Please share with us your opinion.

We are working with passion, our vision is to create powerful tools to improve the WordPress Web development experience.



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