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Padma Unlimited RC1 (release candidate 1)

Padma Unlimited RC1 (release candidate 1)

Padma Unlimited RC1 is ready to download!

(Tested on WordPress 4.9.8 / WordPress 5 beta 1 / ClassicPress 1.0.0 alpha1)

Our work scheme has led to the development of a stable, versatile and updated platform. The framework advancement and the differences between Padma Unlimited Theme Builder and HWT have reached the level we expected to start to develop the RC1 version.

From this moment and until the release of version 1 of Padma U, our efforts are oriented to improve the stability, security and compatibility of the platform.

HeadwayThemes - Visual Editor Tools
HeadwayThemes Base Visual Editor Tools
Padma | Unlimited - Visual Editor Tools
Padma | Unlimited - Visual Editor Tools: Animation, Sizes, Transform, Show only modified options, <>

Padma Unlimited Release Candidate 1

Released: OCTOBER 29, 2018

New version amends:

  • PHP 7.3 Ready
  • Visual Editor Fixes
  • Design Mode updates
    • Added more CSS Units
  • Grid updates
    • Delete one or multiple blocks with the delete key
  • New Audio block >VIEW DEMO
  • New Video block >VIEW DEMO
  • New Object-fit and Object-position options on sizes
  • JS libraries updates
    • Underscore updated to 1.9.1
    • jQuery UI Touch Punch updated to 0.2.3
  • Slider block updated
  • Footer new option to hide “Show full site” on mobile.
  • WooCommerce compatibility update

NOTE: Remember to clear your browser cache after the update.

New feature in the Visual Editor

Easily Remove blocks

Easy way to remove blocks

The Power of Simplicity ►

We aim a natural experience for the user with Padma Unlimited Visual Editor, this is the main reason to make possible to remove single or multiple blocks just by clicking the delete key!

Padma U Team is working with passion, our vision is to create powerful tools to improve the WordPress Web development experience.

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