A project that is focused on rebuilding Headway Themes

Mindset to the Padma Unlimited Revolution: Join us!

Mindset to the Padma Unlimited Revolution: Join us!

The Padma U Team highly encourage Designers, Developers and Agencies to boost their efforts and perform with us.
This initiative begins with your participation, by sharing with innovative production your development tools or design ideas to reinforce the WordPress journey.

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Padma | Unlimited MARKET!

Padma | Unlimited - Set sail to Padma Market

The Padma | Unlimited Market will seek to strengthen the collective benefits within the registered members set to distribute gilt-edged tools like plugins and templates.

Padma | Unlimited also aspire to support those who has invested resources on HWT licenses, templates  or plugins development by providing a experimental Compatibility Mode of Padma U. with HWT.

Compatibility Mode - Padma | Unlimited

TIP: Activate Padma compatibility mode trough the Padma Theme menu / Options / Compatibility TAB in the WordPress dashboard.

Our team works to make the use of Padma | Unlimited even more productive.
In pursuit of this goal we have maintained constant development of the Padma Theme and additional plugins.

Padma Theme Builder- Plugins

WordPress Free Theme Builder & Plugins


Padma 0.0.23

Padma Child Theme 1.0.5



Padma Example 1.0.0

Padma Lifesaver 1.0.7

Padma Services 1.0.17

Padma Updater 1.0.3


Padma Shortcode 1.0.5*

Padma Sociable 1.0.3*

Padma Filter Gallery 0.0.7*

Padma Post Slider 1.0.4

Note: Plugin available through Patreon sponsorship.

For any assistance or inquiry about a HWT to Padma Unlimited migration, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us!

Email: [email protected]

We are getting closer to the Padma Unlimited Release Candidate launch.
Please to help us to improve the platform!

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Patreon - Padma Unlimited

Help us to maintain Padma Unlimited and make it even better!

Become a member through our Patreon page and support the Padma Unlimited Team.

*Patrons besides the satisfaction of supporting us with solidarity have access to exclusive content like blocks, templates and special discounts.