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Free WordPress Theme Builder | version 0.0.21

Free WordPress Theme Builder | version 0.0.21

New Beta version 0.0.21 is available to download from the website.

Padma Unlimited roadmap intend to release  Padma U version 1 just after the release of WordPress 5.

Padma U Team works on the development of new blocks that will allow the users to take full advantage of WordPress 5 features, while making updates to provide full support to the next major version of WordPress.

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Padma U version 0.0.21

Released: Jun 11, 2018

New version amends:

  • Several improves to Pin board block
  • Added Undo / Redo panel options
  • CSS Animation Code Fix and improvements
  • Added filter option for design options

Padma | Unlimited – Free WordPress Theme Builder version 0.0.21 download:

If you need to update from an older P|U beta version to P|U beta v.0.0.19, please contact us to get further instructions.

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