A project that is focused on rebuilding Headway Themes

Why choose Padma | Unlimited?

Why choose Padma | Unlimited?

Padma | Unlimited team up to provide aid and opportunities to freelancers/small business that went down with HWT & BT, we know how this situation can affect the stability of any business, because we was also facing the same situation .

Due to high demand, Padma | Unlimited is leading an integrative approach over Headway Themes and BloxTheme method, except it will be free!

Through this partnership Padma | Unlimited ensure congruency between development, commercialization and support for their products. Proper changes to maximize Headway Theme and Blox Theme potential.

This initiative derive from the urgency and abidance with the WordPress experience in web design… so, it is with commitment that Padma | Unlimited is working to put the pieces back together improving skills and capacity for us developers…

Headway Themes prestige made us bide with it’s unique and effective software although development stricken. Therefore, we proceed to create a fork primarily for our own businesses and to share it with the community in a free way.

Padma | Unlimited - Visual Editor
Padma | Unlimited – Visual Editor


In addition to its extensive profile of accolades whom are encourage to join us in this exciting process of building both co-work and co-impact in the community, our goal is to offer a committed software alternative for WordPress Website developers, growing a business ecosystem suited for variation.

You don’t have to spend a dime for using Padma | Unlimited to create as many websites as desired.

If you had use the frameworks mentioned above and you truly loved them, then without hesitation Padma | Unlimited will give you back the joy of having a WordPress lifestyle!!!



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