Comparativa de Constructores de Temas para WordPress > Headway Themes vs Blox Theme vs Padma Unlimited

Padma | Unlimited > Alternativa de Código Abierto, Actualizada y con múltiples funciones para el Diseño y Desarrollo de temas para WordPress.

Headway ThemesBlox ThemePadma | Unlimited
Precio89USD – 199USD89EUR – 399EURFree
Lanzamientos el año pasado 0012


PHP Support5.6 full
7+ partial / unknown
5.6 full
7+ partial / unknown
Full 7+
Auto Updates??
Manual UpdatesFTPFTPFTP, Dashboard
Update to developer version??
Import layoutOnly Headway layoutsOnly BloxTheme layoutsImport from all
Grid: Max Column Count242424
Grid: Max Column Width80px80px120px
Grid: Max Gutter Width40px40px60px
Grid: Max Width2840px2840px4260px
Gutenberg Ready??
Blocks Anywhere??
HTTP/2 Server Push??
Compatibility with mod_pagespeed?? Support??
Block API: Query??
Block API: Panel: input type methods (input_$type)191923


Core Blocks121221
Additional Blocks0038
Blocks Filter??
Export / Import Blocks
Visual Editor
Visual Editor
Drag & Drop
Design Groups111115
Design Options545474
Duplicate Blocks
Design Options filter??
Duplicate Wrappers??
Duplicate Wrappers with Blocks??
Export / Import Wrapper??
Optionally mirror wrapper styles??
Night Mode??
Edit content from Visual editor??


Mobile Preview??
Allow mobile zooming??
Mobile Menu Alternatives113
Default screen breakpoints8814

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Padma | Unlimited > A fork from Headway Themes developed to provide an updated and improved alternative to WordPress Theme Building.*

* Padma | Unlimited is ClassicPress compatible.

The requested block type of 've-content-to-accordion' does not exist. Please re-activate the block plugin or child theme if you wish to use this block again.

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