Costa Rica | PURA VIDA

Costa Rica | PURA VIDA

Padma Unlimited Team was born in our beautiful Costa Rica, a group of friends who gathered by the term of 2017 to work with passion, with the mission of sharing Padma U Theme Builder to the WordPress community.

The costa rican essential being mojo, Pura Vida depicts the project deepest conviction, to share and help one and another.

Our vision is to create powerful tools to improve the WordPress Web development experience.

This commitment lead to the creation of an effective network with high quality products and/ or services.

In order to achieve this vision, the project required very dedicated people to provide tools that appeal from the novice to the expert WordPress interest. To promote an easier workflow the team establish a co-work structure where everyone can pursue different tasks that embodied our urgent needs. The model is fulfill by a multidisciplinary professional engineers, designers, artists and marketing entrepreneurs.

Join Padma Unlimited and help us to create an active and supportive community, willing to help others to develop their potential to grow and do more for others.

Join Padma Unlimited and help us to create an active and supportive Community, willing to help others to develop their potential to grow and do more for others.

Forever-Free WordPress Theme Builder

You will never have to pay for a WordPress Theme

Tired of diving into free & paid WordPress themes looking for effective & affordable alternatives?

Take advantage of Padma | Unlimited – Forever-Free WordPress Theme Builder advanced features.

Padma Unlimited is free for personal and commercial use.

We invite you to develop as many websites as you want with our powerful, 
updated and full featured framework

Create unlimited designs & templates, save, share & reuse them with ease.

Improve the way you work with the awesomely friendly features of the Visual Editor.

Take complete control of your projects design with the Live CSS code editor.

Our team took on the challenge of giving continuity to the headwaythemes framework developed by Clay Griffiths; Our primary intention was provide an effective alternative to update web sites created using HWT with the spirit of support the community, so we decided to bring Padma Unlimited Theme Builder free of charge for personal or commercial use.


WordPress philosophy has become an essential part of our lives, ultimately our goal with Padma Unlimited is set towards the WordPress community with a forever-Free Theme Builder.


Would you like to work all your WordPress projects with absolute freedom to design, powerful visual & code tools,using a single theme, for free?


Start using Padma Unlimited and get empowered with the most exciting tool in the WordPress Theme development ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you have any question, plese contact us!

How many websites can I develop for free with Padma | Unlimited?

As many as you want! There are no limits to the number of websites that you can develop with Padma | Unlimited, for you or for your clients. You can use our the Padma | Unlimited framework to design all the Websites that you need through a single interface.

How much does Padma | Unlimited cost?

Padma | Unlimited is completely free for personal and commercial use. Padma | Unlimited is an unrestricted Drag & Drop Theme Builder for WordPress. You can use Padma | Unlimited to develop as many Websites Templates as you want.

How Padma | Unlimited is able to offer the framework for free?

Our business is oriented to generate revenue by providing high quality services related to the Padma | Unlimited framework, to users who require it. This business model is based on bringing the software with no limits. Padma | Unlimited is 100% free for personal or commercial use, for unlimited number of Websites.

How to collaborate?

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Is it safe to use Padma | Unlimited?

We decide to develop Padma | Unlimited for our own websites and for several of our client websites because we want to be always on top of it, keeping the framework updated and improving it constantly.

Is Padma | Unlimited compatible with my WordPress theme?

Padma | Unlimited is a framework developed to replace any WordPress theme. It is not a theme but a Theme Builder. With Padma | Unlimited you can create any layout required, customize the design, export and import your shared layouts & block settings in a simple and convenient way.

Is there a changelog?
Is there a roadmap?

Visit Padma Unlimited Roadmap at https://trello.com/b/MgFeEsey/padma-unlimited-roadmap

Will I ever be charged to use Padma | Unlimited?

Padma | Unlimited is just free. The Padma | Unlimited Team have no intention to charge for the use of the framework. Our goal is to bring to the WordPress community a flexible, versatile & powerful alternative to Design & Develop Web projects.