Migración de Headway Themes / Blox Theme a Padma Unlimited

Bring life back to your Headway Themes / Blox Theme Websites with Padma Unlimited Theme Builder and Padma Lifesaver* plugin.

Padma is compatible with WordPress 5.x, ClassicPress, PHP 7+, HTTP/2 Server Push & Mode_pagespeed.

Update Procedure (Headway 3.8.x / Blox 1.x to Padma)

  1. Make a full website backup (backup archives and database) (highly recommended)
  2. Download Padma Unlimited Theme Builder.
  3. Download Padma Lifesaver* plugin.
  4. Install Padma Unlimited, without activating it.
  5. Install Padma Lifesaver and activate the plugin.
  6. Access the menu option “Padma Lifesaver*”
  7. Select the Headway/Blox desired template to convert.
  8. Click the “Start Conversion” button.
  9. Activate the Padma Unlimited Theme.
  10. Upgrade the PHP version to PHP7+.

Padma Lifesaver* plugin allows to convert Web sites developed with HeadwayThemes 3.8.X or BloxTheme 1.X  to Padma Unlimited Free WordPress Theme Builder.

*This plugin is based on the plugin hw-to-bt created by Johnathan.PRO for BloxTheme.

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