Migration from HeadwayThemes to Padma Unlimited Free WordPress Theme Builder.

Migration from HeadwayThemes to Padma Unlimited Free WordPress Theme Builder.

Reasons to migrate:

– Updates: Padma Unlimited is a fork from HWT3.8.9 / BT 1.0.4 constantly updated and improved.

– Compatibility: Padma Unlimited upkeep it compatible with the most recent updates on the WordPress Ecosystem: WordPress 5.0 alpha, Gutemberg, PHP 7.0+, MySQL 5.6+ (Padma U is also compatible with old HWT plugins trough Padma Compatibility mode).

– Innovation: Integration of new functions to improve the workflow and usability of Padma U>  New night mode, wrapper and element fixed sizes, content editor integration in VE, 3 alternatives for responsive menus, CSS animations, code editor improvements, mobile preview for design mode.

– Philosophy: Open Source framework. Free of charge for personal or commercial use. You never have to pay for a WordPress Theme again!


Website using HWT 3.8.x / BT 1.0.x

Padma Unlimited most recent ZIP package (Download link)

Padma Lifesaver Plugin package (Download link)

Update Procedure:

  1. Make a full backup of your website (backup all archives and database) (highly recommended)
  2. Download Padma Unlimited Theme Builder from here: https://www.padmaunlimited.com/download
  3. Download Padma Lifesaver from here: Download link
  4. Install Padma Unlimited without activating it.
  5. Install Padma Lifesaver and activate plugin.
  6. Access the menu option “Padma Lifesaver
  7. Select the Headway/Blox desired template to convert.
  8. Click the “Start Conversion” button.
  9. Activate the Padma Unlimited Theme.

Padma Lifesaver Plugin


Padma Lifesaver plugin allows to convert Web sites developed with HeadwayThemes 3.8.X or BloxTheme 1.X  to Padma Unlimited Free WordPress Theme Builder Framework.

This plugin is based on the plugin hw-to-bt created by Johnathan.PRO for BloxTheme.

Free Plugin Download

Padma Unlimited Free Plugins



Padma Gallery is the Ultimate Gallery System for PadmaUnlimited Theme Builder.

Simple, Flexible & Powerful tool to manage your galleries with ease.

Free Plugin Download


Padma Shortcode plugin is a short-code generator that brings support for styling WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms, trough the Padma Unlimited Visual Editor.

This plugin is based on the Shortcode Generator plugin created by Jon Mather for HeadwayThemes.

Free Plugin Download

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