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New Updates and Improvements is a high stake in our scheme development  process.

The constant releasement of micro-updates to the framework, provide compatibility and remark the experience and development capacity of those who work with Padma Unlimited Theme Builder.

New Beta version 0.0.24 is available to download!

(tested on WordPress 4.9.8)

Padma Unlimited version 0.0.24

Released: SEPTEMBER 5, 2018

New version amends:

  • Save on cloud updates
  • Visual editor upgrades
  • Duplicate wrappers
  • Use empty layout fixes

If you need to update to Padma Unlimited beta v.0.0.24 from an older version than beta v.0.0.19, please contact us to get further instructions.

New features in the Visual Editor

Duplicate wrappers with or without blocks

This function has been implemented in the Visual Editor to simplify and accelerate the process of creation and testing of Websites based on WordPress + Padma Unlimited Theme Builder.

Just right click on a wrapper and a contextual menu will offer you the option to duplicate the wrapper with or without the blocks it contains.

Do you think it’s too easy?


Join us and spread the word!!!


We are working with passion, our vision is to create powerful tools to improve the WordPress Web development experience.

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