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Padma | Unlimited is made 
for People by People.  

Padma Team works enthusiastically to unfold a tool that allows developers, designers and DIY soul-minded people to grow their business. 

Our team endeavors to bring the Padma Unlimited Community a better tool to develop WordPress projects, through collaborative work and improved workflows.

Padma Team begins with YOU, please join us and get on board with us!

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Our believe has been always that You would be willing to collaborate to keep Padma | Unlimited growing, for everyone, for free.

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Padma | Unlimited Code are available on GitHub to ensure the Project continuity and transparency.

Collaborate with the Framework Development is an excellent option to ensure You get the most relevant and updated Website Development tool.

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Frecuently Asked Questions

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How many websites can I develop for free with Padma | Unlimited?

As many as you want!

There are no limits to the number of Websites that you can develop or manage with Padma | Unlimited Theme Builder, for you or for your clients.

You can use our the Padma | Unlimited framework to Design all the Websites that you need through a single interface.

Is Padma | Unlimited compatible with my WordPress/ClassicPress theme?

Padma | Unlimited is a framework developed to replace any WordPress or ClassicPress theme.

It is not a theme but a Theme Builder.

With Padma | Unlimited Theme Builder you can create any layout and as many layouts as your project requires, customize the design to almost any degree of detail or export and import your layouts and blocks in a simple and convenient way.

Who is developing Padma Unlimited Theme Builder?

Quick answer: Padma Team.

The Padma Team consists of a group of entrepreneurs that are aware of the needs and limitations of designing and managing Wordpress/ClassicPress websites. The team is committed to providing solutions through an ecosystem based on Padma Theme Builder.

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How much does Padma | Unlimited cost?

Padma | Unlimited is completely Free for personal and commercial use.

Padma | Unlimited is an unrestricted Drag & Drop Theme Builder for WordPress and ClassicPress.

You can use Padma | Unlimited to develop as many Websites and Templates as you desire.

How Padma | Unlimited is able to offer the framework for free?

Our business is oriented towards generating revenue by providing high quality services related to the Padma | Unlimited framework.

This business model is based on providing the software with no limits.

Padma | Unlimited is 100% Free for Personal or Commercial use, for an unlimited number of Websites.

Is there a changelog?

Padma | Unlimited Change Log

How to collaborate?

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Open-Source Collaboration.

Padma | Unlimited GitHub

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Will I ever be charged to use Padma | Unlimited?

The Padma | Unlimited Team have no intention of charging either now or in the future for the use of the framework.

Padma | Unlimited is Open-Source and is Free for use on Personal or Commercial projects with no restrictions.

Our goal is to develop the best possible framework to improve the work process and quality of our projects, sharing with the WordPress and ClassicPress communities a flexible, versatile and powerful tool to design and develop web projects, in the hope that together we can improve Padma | Unlimited for the benefit of everyone.

Where can I find information about Padma | Unlimited updates, new plugins or features?
Is it safe to use Padma | Unlimited?

We decided to develop Padma | Unlimited for our own websites and for several of our clients’ websites because we wanted to always be on top of it, keeping the framework updated and improving it constantly.

It is compatible with the most recent web technologies like PHP 7.3, HTTP2, PageSpeed, WordPress 5.X, Gutenberg, ClassicPress 1.0.0.

As open-source software, Padma | Unlimited Theme Builder’s code is available on Github.

Is there a roadmap?

Visit Padma | Unlimited Roadmap.

Padma | Unlimited

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