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HeadwayThemes/BloxTheme to Padma | Unlimited Migration.

HeadwayThemes/BloxTheme to Padma | Unlimited Migration.

If you have websites developed in Headwaythemes or Bloxtheme and need to update them to be compatible with WordPress 5+, PHP7 + and the latest web technologies, you can use the Lifesaver plugin to import your templates and layouts and migrate to Padma | Unlimited Theme Builder.

Reasons to migrate:

– Updates: Padma Unlimited is a fork from HWT3.8.9 / BT 1.0.4 constantly updated and improved.

– Compatibility: Padma Unlimited upkeep it compatible with the most recent updates on the WordPress Ecosystem: WordPress 5.0 alpha, Gutemberg, PHP 7.0+, MySQL 5.6+ (Padma U is also compatible with old HWT plugins trough Padma Compatibility mode).

– Innovation: Integration of new functions to improve the workflow and usability of Padma U>  New night mode, wrapper and element fixed sizes, content editor integration in VE, 3 alternatives for responsive menus, CSS animations, code editor improvements, mobile preview for design mode.

– Philosophy: Open Source framework. Free of charge for personal or commercial use.

You never have to pay for a WordPress Theme again!


Website using HWT 3.8.x / BT 1.0.x

Padma | Unlimited most recent ZIP package (Download link)

Padma Lifesaver Plugin package (Download link)

Update Procedure:

  1. Make a full backup of your Website (backup all archives and database) (highly recommended)
  2. Download Padma | Unlimited Theme Builder from here: Download link
  3. Download Padma Lifesaver from here: Download link
  4. Install Padma | Unlimited Theme without activating it.
  5. Install Padma Lifesaver and activate the plugin.
  6. Access the menu option “Padma Lifesaver
  7. Select the Headway/Blox desired template to convert.
  8. Click the “Start Conversion” button.
  9. Activate the Padma | Unlimited Theme.

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