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Padma | Unlimited Test-Lab

Padma | Unlimited Test-Lab

Fathom the New Padma | Unlimited test- lab Slack channel and get access to download the latest revision version of Padma | Unlimited.

Explore every facet of the platform development and examine minutely and critically with us!

Let’s build together the most stable, flexible and reliable tool to design and develop WordPress websites.

Our team has been working really hard to release Padma Unlimited v1, and deeply appreciate the support, comments and reports of different members of our developing community; thanks to your active participation we are very close to achieve the stability and functionality that are required for a successful development framework!

Please, consider that any effort or investment of time or resources that you make in the Padma Unlimited Project, will return to you in the form of a more powerful, agile and stable tool that can turn into a fundamental piece for your business to:

  • Carry out more complex projects with less effort.
  • Integrate work from professionals of different areas through a single tool.
  • Simplify the creation, development and administration of any kind of WordPress website.

Stay attentive for upcoming news!

Best regards,


We sincerely count on your collaboration to transform Padma into the Unlimited tool that the community deserves.

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