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EDGE version ►Padma | Unlimited Theme

Padma | Unlimited Theme Developer version

The Padma Theme EDGE version was created to allow Padma Theme users to test new Padma features, implementations, and bug fixes in controlled environments.

What was Padma Theme EDGE created for?

Among the many advantages of having a specific development version for the Theme, the following are especially relevant for the Padma team:

  1. Improve the update process by proactively monitoring any potential issues that may arise with the changes, updates, and fixes that are being prepared to be incorporated into the framework.
  2. Simplify the testing process for the development of the framework.
  3. Promote and stimulate the exchange of ideas and suggestions to incorporate into the following stable versions of Padma Theme.

NOTE: Pama Theme EDGE is intended for developers to work on staging/development sites.

Padma team does NOT recommend its use on production sites.

Padma Theme EDGE Activation

Padma Theme EDGE could be activated under the Padma Theme menu/ Options/ Developer/ Allow install Edge version.

Once the Allow install Edge version option is activated, your website will inform you that there is a Theme update available and bring you the option to update to the latest version of Padma Edge.


  • Padma Unlimited Theme (1.3 +) installed and activated.
  • Padma Updater plugin installed and activated.
  • WordPress dashboard/ Padma Theme menu/ Options/ Developer/ Allow install Edge version -SELECTED.

Allow install Edge version

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