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Padma Unlimited v0.2.2

Padma Unlimited v0.2.2

We are glad to present the latest RC version of Padma U. With this release we are seeking to adjust important compatibility and stability details required to ensure that our theme is absolutely compatible with WordPress 5 and Gutenberg.

An important reason for not publishing the release earlier►

An early publish releasement would have troubled many agencies and professionals as they were (and still are) migrating their web sites to WordPress 5, therefore, given the holiday season and the end of the year it would have made it difficult for our users to attend to any inconveniences.

We delay the releases intentionally as a preventive and prudential way to eliminate any inconvenience and introduce this new Padma U. version at an appropriate time.

The Padma Team wants to thank all the users who have made their reports and with their reports have helped us to improve Padma | Unlimited Theme Builder.

Padma Unlimited Version > 0.2.2

* Released: January 10, 2019

New version amends:

  • Tested with WordPress 5.0.3
  • Added Import/Export option to wrappers.

Padma Unlimited Version > 0.2.1

* Released: December 14, 2018

Tested with WordPress 5.1 Alpha

  • Visual Editor Fixes
    • Fixed extra padding on both Grid and Design View.
    • LiveCSS fixes

Padma Unlimited Version > 0.2.0

* Released: December 11, 2018

  • Tested with WordPress 5
  • Tested with Gutenberg Plugin 4.6.1
  • Tested with ClassicPress Beta 1
  • Visual Editor Fixes
    • Fixed CSS Transform VE issue
    • Missing setup panel fixed
    • Added tab index for inputs on panel
  • Code Fixes
    • Remove PHP Notices
    • Content block query fix
    • API Block fixes
    • Navigation block fixes
  • Design Mode Updated
    • Added Advanced option group
  • Offline notification
  • New loader animation
  • WooCommerce compatibility update
  • Gutenberg compatibility update
  • Headway compatibility update
  • Filter options added to Select Block Type panel
  • Auto Update Support
  • Allow mobile zooming
  • Added Blox 1.0.X Templates support
  • Improved Headway/Blox Templates support

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