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Padma Unlimited v0.3.0

Padma Unlimited v0.3.0

Padma Unlimited Version > 0.3.0

* Released: January 24, 2019

Tested with WordPress 5.0.3 & ClassicPress 1.0.0-beta2

Hello world!

Padma team decided to push one final release candidate of our framework to ensure compatibility and functionality with the latest updates of the platform (WP5, Gutenberg, PHP 7.3) before the release of Padma Unlimited v1.

New version amends:

Visual Editor Fixes

  • Fixed: Block settings didn’t save
  • Fixed: Font family update when changed on design panel
  • Fixed: Repeater, input for multiple contents
  • Tools > System info Updated
  • Divi Builder Plugin compatibility update
  • jQuery compatibility update

Plugins and Blocks

New updates in the following plugins:

  • Services
  • Updater
  • Shortcode-block
  • Sociable
  • Filter Gallery
  • Post Slider
  • Content Slider

New Feature available for Padma Services Users / starting at Bronze level ►

Visual Elements

This plugin takes advantage of the “Shortcodes Ultimate” plugin functionality to access several actions such as blocks directly in the Padma Unlimited Visual Editor.

Blocks available trought the Visual Elements Plugin:

  • Button: Allows you to create highly customizable buttons. You can change button style, colors, size, add an icon or description. One of the most powerful shortcodes of the plugin.
  • Columns: Will help you to divide page content into columns.
  • Divider: Allows you to divide content with styled divider.
  • Dummy image: Allows you to display a dummy image. You can change the image theme and size.
  • Dummy text: Allows you to display “lorem ipsum” text. You can choose how much paragraphs or words will be generated.
  • Google Maps: Allows you to display Google maps, easily.
  • Heading: Allows you to create styled headings with customizable size and margin.
  • Label: Allows you to create colorful labels. You can choose from 6 color variations.
  • Spacer: Help you to create an empty space between elements on a page.
  • Spoiler: Allows you to create blocks with hidden content – spoilers (toggles). Hidden content will be shown when block title will be clicked. You can specify different icons or even use different styles for each spoiler.
  • Tabs: Allows you to divide your content with horizontal or vertical tabs. You can specify which tab will be selected by default and turn any tab into a link. You can use any HTML code or even other shortcodes as content.

Upcoming→ More blocks in Visual Elements

Public Repositories

Now available on GitHub!!!


  • padma-theme
  • theme-builder-child
  • padma-lifesaver
  • padma-updater

Version 1 Release

A solid version is our main goal after several trials and improvements.
Our Team is committed to a thorough understanding of the framework behavior and its issues. Getting involved as many users had, pushed us to our best as many reports had been detected, corrected and transforming an outright platform.  

Date endeavor for Padma 1.0.0 releasement ►Mid february 2019

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