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Padma Unlimited v0.3.1

Padma Unlimited v0.3.1

Foretaste Padma’ s ultimate RC Prospect!

Padma Unlimited RC v0.3.1

* Released: February 8, 2019

Tested with WordPress 5.0.3

It is with definite interest and concern that our crew is plumbing the platform complexities to make the final adjustments thanks to loyal users insights.

Please checkout the ultimate Padma | Unlimited Prospect and leave your comments!!!

New version amends:

  • Visual Editor Fixes
    • Fixed Blocks Elements Group issue
    • Loading issue
    • Navigation block issue
  • API Panel radio input support
  • Vertical align added to design options

Just to remember…

Public Repositories available on GitHub.


  • padma-theme
  • theme-builder-child
  • padma-lifesaver
  • padma-updater

Version 1 Release

Besides the fact that the project has required more release candidates than we originally planned, there is no delay for Padma Unlimited first stable version launch.
All our efforts are now oriented to guarantee the most stable, flexible and powerful experience to develop customized WordPress websites.

Date endeavor for Padma 1.0.0 releasement ►Mid february 2019

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