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Padma | Unlimited version 1.1.0 release

Padma | Unlimited version 1.1.0 release

Padma | Unlimited Version 1.1.0 is ready to download!

For this version Padma | Unlimited Team focused primarily on fixing bugs to create a better working experience and improve the Framework’s stability.

We are very thankful to the users who collaborated with us by testing & sending bug reports and/ or suggestions.

Your help has been essential!

This version also integrates new Features and added new plugins and integrations in pursuit of becoming a more relevant website development tool.  

With this update Padma Theme reached 21 blocks in Core.

Also, the new PadmaQuery class brings easy access to content from BlockAPI, making the Blocks creation process more powerful.

Blocks Anywhere

This new feature allows you to use Padma Blocks where you need them. Just go to “Block Options > Info”, copy the shortcode and paste it on any Post, Page or Widget.

Easy migration from Headway or Blox

You can migrate your site from Headway or Blox without a migration plugin.

Padma now allows users to import a Headway or Blox template files natively.

However the migration plugin “Lifesaver” still works as a migration method.

Please read our previous post about it to learn more:
Migration from headwaythemes to padma unlimited free wordpress theme builder.

New blocks in Visual Elements plugin

The Visual Elements plugin reached 23 blocks, including 7 new Blocks and other additional features like “Content to Tabs” or “Content to Accordion“, that allows to easily convert Publications into Tabs or Accordion dynamically.

Visual Elements Blocks are available to Patreon users from Bronze level tier and up.
Read more about supporting Padma Unlimited


  • Fixed: Block hidden option on responsive
  • Fixed: Parallax: background images jump to the left when Parallax is activated.
  • Fixed: Responsive custom breakpoint issue
  • Fixed: WooCommerce product design selectors
    • Product title fonts size
    • Product Button
  • Fixed: PinBoard refresh on design mode
  • Fixed: Search Results message
  • Fixed: Block type selector issue
  • Fixed: Structured-data schema on content block
  • Fixed: Issue when showing templates saved on Padma Services account
  • Fixed: Navigation block issue
  • Fixed: WPML Compatibility home_url when loading VE
  • Updated jQuery Superfish Menu Plugin to v1.7.10
  • New Contact Form 7 Block
  • New Mailchimp for WordPress Block
  • New PadmaQuery Class
  • Added new meta data support to Content Block
    • publisher
    • publisher_img
    • publisher_no_img
    • modified_date
  • Added Compatibility with mod_pagespeed
  • Added HTTP/2 Server Push support
  • Added Compatibility with aMember Pro V4 (plugin version v1.1)
  • Added Support for Blox Theme templates (Headway already was supported)
  • Added Logo option to Customize > Site Identity > Site Logo
  • Added better support
  • Added Blocks to Shortcode support (to use blocks anywhere)

Join us and spread the word!!!


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