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Padma v.1.2.0 Release

Padma v.1.2.0 Release

Padma Unlimited Theme 1.2.0 is ready to download!   

We are proud to launch Padma Unlimited 1.2.0 version!

Our community members have become such a key part of this exploration by becoming a hub of ideas to innovate through collaboration which we deeply appreciate.

This new version has been tested with WordPress 5.3 and ClassicPress 1.1.1

Padma Team highly encourages you to join us and discover the latest features that the platform offers to accelerate the pace of innovation in your daily work.

What is new?

This update amends several minor errors as it has more visible improvements to appreciate:

Padma Options updates

A general refresher of Padma’s options styles was made to be more eye-friendly.

Includes several changes and New Options:

  • The “Hide Padma Version Number From Menu” option is now in the “General” tab.
  • The “Disable Editor Style” option is now in the “Visual Editor” tab
  • The option “Allow install Edge version” is added in the “Advanced” tab, this allows you to install the latest versions of Padma and the different Plugins, useful to be able to try the newest improvements.

  • The option “Allow plugin templates” is added within the “Compatibility” tab, ideal for working with those plugins that add predefined templates.

  • The “Show Padma Blocks as Gutenberg Blocks” option is added within the “Compatibility” tab, this option allows to display certain blocks within the Gutenberg Block Editor (available only for WordPress 5+)

  • The “Fonts” Tab is added with the “Do not use Google Fonts” option. If it is checked Padma will not attempt to load Google Fonts or be displayed in the Visual Editor.
  • The “Fonts” Tab is added with the “Load Google Fonts asynchronously” option, if it is checked Padma will try to load the Google Fonts asynchronously, improving the loading speed and avoiding the blocking of fonts during rendering.

The option to empty the Cache from the admin bar in the WordPress Dashboard was added, this allows that it is not necessary to access the visual editor to clear the Padma cache.


All blocks

Corrections and improvements were applied both in programming and compatibility with the new features of Padma, these changes include some options such as online editing (within the Design mode) or the option for translations into multiple languages.

New Block: Site Logo

Padma 1.2.0 allows to add a general image for the site, and this new block allows you to display it in Layouts

New Block: Divider

Divider is a simple block that improves the transitions between sections of the layout, allows to add inclined dividing lines through a block.

New Block: OnePage Navigation

One page navigation is a block that allows creating vertical navigation based on the wrappers of a layout.

Header Block

The Header block now has a new padma_header_link filter that allows you to rewrite the default URL given by the home_url () function and that the header makes available to the user.

Content Block

The content block has new improvements that extend its functionality:

Custom Post Types categories:

This change allows filtering between the categories of a Custom Post Type when the Query Mode is “Custom Query”, unlike the previous versions of Padma that only showed the Post categories.

Support for Custom Fields:

The “Custom Fields” option is added with the option to show each “Above”, “After title” and “Below” content.

Along with this 5 new filters are added

  • padma_content_custom_fields_group_tag: Change the HTML tag of the CF group, by default it is <div>
  • padma_content_custom_fields_label_tag: Allows to change the header text of the CF group, by default it is <label>
  • padma_content_custom_fields_field_tag: Change the HTML tag of each CF, by default it is <div>
  • padma_content_custom_fields_field_content: Allows to modify the content of the CF, for example changing the attachment ID to URL
  • padma_content_custom_fields_class: Modify or add CSS classes of the CF group

Featured image as background:

This option allows to display the highlighted image of the Post, Page or Custom Post Type as the background of the block, ideal for creating “Heros” in Layouts.

Custom Archive Title:

The option to display a custom title in the Posts file is added.

Custom Excerpts Length:

The option to limit the size of the extracts is added:

Many thanks to Ray Dale! ►

Pinboard Block

Similar to the Content block, the Pinboard Block has new improvements that extend its functionality:

Custom Fields Support:

Custom Fields” option is added with the option to show each “Above“, “Before” and “Below” content.

Along with this, 5 new filters are added:

  • padma_pin_board_pin_custom_fields_group_tag: Allows to change the HTML tag of each CF, by default it is.
  • padma_pin_board_pin_custom_fields_label_tag: Allows to change the header text of the CF group, by default it is.
  • padma_pin_board_pin_custom_fields_field_tag: Change the HTML tag of each CF, by default it is.
  • padma_pin_board_pin_custom_fields_field_content: Allows to modify the content of the CF, for example changing the attachment ID to URL.
  • padma_pin_board_pin_custom_fields_class: Modify or add CSS classes of the CF group.

Option to exclude the current PinBoard Post:

The “Exclude Current Post” option was added. This option allows configuring a block in a “Recent News” section without displaying the current Post (as woks in the Content Block).

Right-click Edit content:

The “Edit content” option was enabled for Pinboard elements.

Right-click over the Pinboard block and select Edit content.

Footer Block

Custom text option added to the “Go to top” field.

Up Up Up ↑

Visual Editor

New loader

We added some color to the Loader of the Visual Editor.
It looks great, doesn’t it?

Block Selector Refresh

The way all blocks are displayed within the block selector has been updated. This update includes new icons for each block.

This image shows both core blocks and other plugins such as Visual Elements blocks.

Design mode

We’ve added new design options and updated all icons.

New Options:

  • Margin auto options.
  • Bottom and Right options to Nudging added.
  • Transition options added.
  • Outline options added.
  • Filter options added.
  • Flexbox options added.
  • Smooth scrolling option to HTML tag added.
New Options: Scroll, Animation, Transition, Filter, Flexbox, Sizes, .

Padma Theme now natively supports smooth scrolling, just select scroll → smooth from the layout options /HTML Document tag.

Inline editing

Some blocks now allow you to edit the content or fields of the block directly from the design mode.
(This function is not available for all block types)

This change adds properties to the Block API, for example, the Custom Code Block has the following definition in its constructor.

$this-> inline_editable = array (‘block-title’, ‘block-subtitle’, ‘content’);

[HERE VIDEO 15.inline-edit.mp4]

New animation options

New animation options include: “Fill Mode”, “Playback Status” and “When Animated”. “When Animated” lets you indicate if the animation always runs, when the pointer is over the element or when the element is visible on the screen.

Animate.css was updated to version 3.7.2

Shrink on scroll

Wrappers now have the option “Shrink on scroll”.

The way PHP classes are registered was changed by implementing spl_autoload_register (), as well as the global variable $ padma_registry. This change allows you to load only the necessary classes into memory and not all of them.

A new filter that allows you to register the classes to be loaded in the /loader.php library was included: “padma_class_registry” .

Compatibility improvements for Firefox and mobile devices (such as iPad) as well as compatibility fixes for PHP 7.3 and 7.4 were also included.


The PADMA_DISABLE_PHP_PARSING constant is set to FALSE by default. If required, you can assign it to TRUE to avoid PHP interpretation within Blocks.

Compatibility with Headway classes now runs from the hook after_setup_theme.

Improvements, corrections, and changes

Not so visible but important improvements

  • Improved the possibility of translation into multiple languages.
  • The constant PADMA_DISABLE_PHP_VERIFICATION was added, if it is true Padma will not verify that the PHP version is 7 or higher (useful for migrating old sites)
  • ‘Font-display: swap’ was added to Google Fonts so that the texts remain visible while loading Fonts
  • Code corrections were applied to different blocks, such as custom code, content, Pinboard, Video
  • Media Uploader corrected
  • Corrections were applied to
  • Fixed an issue with the breakpoint of the wrappers
  • Animation-duration was added in 1 second by default.
  • Improved compatibility with Elementor 2.6.8+
  • Fixed a text-shadow rendering problem
  • Fixed a minor bug when installing Templates from Padma, Headway or Blox.

API block

  • The “slider” option was added to the inputs of the Block API
  • A new field type was added to the Block API for loading JSON files: input_json
  • PadmaQuery :: get_tags () now has support for custom taxonomies
  • PadmaQuery :: get_categories () now only supports Array as parameters, in case of receiving a non-Array parameter, the method will automatically convert it to Array
  • Fixed a problem with input type wysiwyg within the Repeaters
  • Missing properties added in PadmaElementAPI :: register_element ()

Other corrections to the Padma Theme source code are listed in the ChangeLog.

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