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Padma Theme versión 1.3 liberada

Padma Theme versión 1.3 liberada

¡Padma Theme versión 1.3 está lista para ser descargada! Padma Theme versión 1.3 se liberó el pasado 8 de Junio de 2020. Esta versión ha sido probada en WordPress 5.4.2 y ClassicPress 1.1.2 Gracias a que el equipo de Padma trabaja constantemente en la actualización y el desarrollo de Padma Theme Builder, en el momento …

Padma Theme Version 1.3 was released

Padma Theme Version 1.3 was released

Padma Theme version 1.3 is ready to download!! Padma Theme version 1.3 was released on June 8, 2020. This version has been tested on WordPress 5.4.2 and ClassicPress 1.1.2 Due to our Team’s continuous work on updates and development, we were able to release Padma Theme 1.3 version on behance to reports of a possible …

Padma v.1.2.0 Release

Padma v.1.2.0 Release

Padma Unlimited Theme 1.2.0 is ready to download!    We are proud to launch Padma Unlimited 1.2.0 version! Our community members have become such a key part of this exploration by becoming a hub of ideas to innovate through collaboration which we deeply appreciate. This new version has been tested with WordPress 5.3 and ClassicPress 1.1.1 …

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