Padma Lifesaver


Padma Lifesaver plugin allows to easily convert Headway Themes 3.8-x / BloxTheme 1.x Websites to the updated Padma | Unlimited free WordPress Theme Builder Framework.

This plugin is based on the plugin hw-to-bt created by Johnathan.PRO for BloxTheme.

Blocks included: None

Available through: Padma Services plugin and Website.

Update Procedure (Headway 3.8.x / Blox 1.x to Padma)

  1. Make a full website backup (backup archives and database) (highly recommended)
  2. Download Padma Unlimited Theme Builder.
  3. Download Padma Lifesaver.
  4. Install Padma Unlimited without activating it.
  5. Install Padma Lifesaver and activate plugin.
  6. Access the menu option “Padma Lifesaver”
  7. Select the Headway/Blox desired template to convert.
  8. Click the “Start Conversion” button.
  9. Activate the Padma Unlimited Theme.
  10. Upgrade the PHP version to PHP7+.

Padma | Unlimited

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