Why Padma Unlimited?

Padma Unlimited Theme is a open-source template builder made for people by people, to bring the joy of doing WordPress to your life.

Just Unlimited 

Padma | Unlimited allows you to create, build and deploy any template & as many as you require. Imagination is the only limit.

General Features

Countless templates

With Padma Unlimited you can Create, Export and Import any template.

Unrestricted customization

Design and edit any part of your site.

Unlimited layouts

Design countless layouts for your website.

Automatic Snapshots

Fearless design with no risk of lose the work you have made.

Regular updates

Constantly updates to bring new features and fixes for you.

Page Builders support

Compatible with WP BeaverBuilder, Elementor, Visual Composer and Divi.

No coding skills required

Create stunning websites with no need to modify CSS or PHP code.

WooCommerce Support

Easy design of your storefront starts here.

Gutenberg compatible*

Padma | unlimited works with the latest WordPress Gutemberg plugin, preparing the way for the future updates of the platform.

Visual Editor Features

Drag and drop grid

Place elements exactly where you want, move and manage your layout and elements across the page.

Styling with Design Editor

Styling your website made easy.

Pre-Made Layout

Use our pre-designed Layouts to jumpstart your design process or get inspired.

850+ Google Fonts

You can experiment matching different fonts like never before.

Parallax effect out of the box

No need of additional plugins to get beautiful parallax effect for your background images.

Export / Import of block settings

Setup one block and export all the settings to another page, template or website easily.

Advanced design options

Powerful design options to control all features about your web.


With the mobile revolution on mind, responsive support out of the box.

Easy-to-use interface

The Visual Editor provides an intuitive user interface with a low learning curve for beginners and handy features for professionals.

Mobile preview

Test your design in different screen sizes.

Day & Nigth mode

Adjust the colors of the Visual editor to improve your wellness.

Advance Features

Custom code Editor

Place your CSS or HTML to add extra styling to your website. *reach outstanding results with minimum knowledge of code handling.


Use any of built-in blocks, use a third party developers blocks or make your own blocks with our API.